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Spiritual Direction

"Spiritual Direction" is the practice of engaging and expressing one's own spiritual journey with another person who is present as a holy and experienced witness. The individual seeker, or directee, shares their journey through verbal narrative, feeling, image and practice in a safe, confidential and sacred environment with a director. The director in turn listens, questions, notices and reflects the ways in which the Beloved divine of one's life might be inviting deeper relationship. The true initiator and guide in spiritual direction is the Beloved.

Why would I see a spiritual director?

While the individual reasons for seeking direction vary, general themes often include:

  • A desire to explore one's own language for Spirit and spirituality
  • A hunger to deepen one's relationship with the Holy of one's life
  • An interest in establishing or maintaining a spiritual practice or discipline
  • A life transition that invites one to reexamine beliefs and priorities
  • A yearning for spiritual connection and community

What is the intent of spiritual direction?

The goal of spiritual direction is to live a life more fully integrated with the spiritual in and of our lives, and to grow in intimacy with the Beloved, however we understand that presence to be. Previous directees have mentioned that this work creates:

  • A sense of being affirmed, accepted and validated in their spirituality
  • An improved awareness of one's own spiritual life
  • An increased sense of the natural and abiding presence of the Holy
  • Improved skills of discernment in making life decisions

Spiritual direction invites us to live more fully the lives we have been gifted with, and to manifest more clearly our divine purpose, not just for ourselves but also for the whole of creation. We are invited to bring life back into balance, to return to our Source with integrity, and remember that we are made of stars.